A Story of Hope Restored

April 22, 2016

The Story of Miss Hattie

SC.Hattie.04.22In the early hours and days after a disaster strikes, the pathway forward to recovery is not clear. In the aftermath, the sense of being overwhelmed becomes the norm – and the starting point is unclear and paralyzing. There is no manual or set of instructions to show the way…and sometimes all that can be done is to take the next step and just do “the next thing.” This journey to recovery can also be a discovery shared with friends, relatives and strangers that give sacrificially and selflessly and who quickly become “family”.

For Miss Hattie, many from Hope Force International came from across the country to join her -- giving of their time, talents and resources. This action of sacrificial giving has a ripple effect through those that have been engaged in the process.  Miss Hattie’s home has been restored to a level that exceeds pre-flood conditions, and those involved have shared in the experience of vastly improving the quality of life for a “new family member.” In this process, those serving grew deeper in their relationship with God and others.

GraceChapelPlaque4x6From the beginning of the disaster event to the first night back into her house was 101 days. Shiloh Mennonite Church, led by Jerry and Dianne Stoltzfus, were the physical force behind seeing Miss Hattie return back to her home; Grace Chapel of Franklin, TN, gave generously for the restoration expenses.  Miss Hattie exemplifies the lives of those that Hope Force International (HFI) served in South Carolina. Hope Force International was privileged to provide coordination and oversight of the relief, recovery and restoration of Miss Hattie’s home -- as well as that of others.

A deposit has been made into the lives of the flood survivors that Hope Force served… and into those that volunteered their time, talents and resources. This disaster was a medium for God’s loving heart to shine through to many.  In a very tangible way, God reveals the nature of His boundless love through the acts of compassion exhibited through His children unto those in great need.  Our prayer is that as survivors reflect upon their experience with Hope Force, they will be reminded of Job’s conversation with God -- Job 42:5, “My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you!”

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