Announcing Warrior Creek Development

November 13, 2015

WCD.TeachersVillageWarrior Creek Development (WCD) was established in JUNE, 2015 as a “daughter organization” of Hope Force International.  While being wholly separate and independent, the origins of WCD are deeply rooted in the first five years spent by Hope Force International (HFI) serving the people of McDowell County, West Virginia.  The primary objective of WCD is to address a felt need of the community by building quality homes -- and thus, providing quality jobs that serve to enhance quality of life.  In so doing – inspiration, hope, encouragement, vision and restoration of self-respect result within the people and in their community.  

While being two distinct organizations -- we are one in purpose, values and people.  The leadership of WCD is comprised primarily of people that will continue to lead and sustain the ongoing efforts of HFI in Appalachia.  We will be purposeful in collaboration and mutually supportive, looking for every possibility to work side-by-side.   HFI will also continue to recruit teams to serve the poor and vulnerable, providing manpower as needed to the vital projects of WCD.  Though separate and distinct, we will be united as one “family”.

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