Building A "Teacher's Village" in McDowell County, WV

May 26, 2016

WCD May 2016 3 Houses 123A partnership with Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders enabled us to make significant progress with the Warrior Creek Development's "Teachers Village" project -- a new ministry given birth by Hope Force International.  Over seventy volunteers from all over the United States descended upon McDowell County to help over the past two weeks -- resulting in one completed home and two others with significant progress underway.

A staff member of the mayor’s office commented during the middle of this two-week endeavor that there is no way we can appreciate what this work means to the community -- where for over fifty years there has been a steady and rapid decline -- and where new construction hasn’t really been observed.   

WCD May 2016 43 House 2 ExteriorThis comment was a reminder to us that often we don’t see the full impact of our work. Throughout the build and over the course of this year, the amount of people who have stopped by the job site or slowed down to watch the progress has been significant.  To hear that this has inspired hope breathes strength into our hearts.

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