Cherie's Haiti Reflections

February 23, 2017

2017.03.Jumie.CherieDuring our recent trip to our beloved, adopted village of Sous Savanne, Haiti, we had the wonderful pleasure of visiting our friends, young and old – people who have become very dear to our hearts over these past 7+ years.

When we first met “Jumie” seven years ago – shortly after the horrific earthquake that destroyed 90% of the homes in her village – she was not even a year old.  As I held her on my lap, surrounded by many of the local children, my heart melted as she looked up into my face with her beautiful smile and big eyes.  The photo of her at this young age sits on our desk at home as a reminder of all the children whom we love so dearly.   She is now a healthy, thriving seven year old – full of life!  What a joy it has been to watch her and the other children of Sous Savanne grow up, and to know that we have had the privilege of investing into their well-being!

Cherie.Grandma.Haiti Feb 2017We also made the trip up to Goula to see our precious friend (and fellow Jesus-follower) whom we affectionately call “Grandma.”  This precious woman, who is in her upper 70’s, suffers from arthritis and is in constant pain – but she never ceases to express her gratefulness to the Lord for His goodness to her; the joy she exudes is contagious.  Every time I visit with her, she reminds me of how much she loves Jesus, and has even told us that she prays for us.  To say she humbles me every time I visit with her is an understatement!

A highlight of our trip was sharing “our” village with our 15-year old granddaughter, Hailey.  Since she was eight, Hailey has heard about the plight of the people of Sous Savanne, and emphatically stated as a little girl, “I am going to be a missionary there one day!” 2017.03.Hailey Upon arrival, she quickly made friends with the teenagers in the village – bonding with the young women who offered to braid her long, blonde hair.  She then presented gifts to three girls – all sponsored by her paternal grandmother – telling them that she brought her Grandma’s greetings…and how Grandma loved and prayed for them daily.   Her eyes and heart took in much in those few days, and she cannot wait to return. 

To know the people of our village is to love them…attested by the hundreds who have joined us in helping them rebuild their beautiful village – one individual, one family at a time!

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