"From the Field" - Bahamas Response

September 30, 2019

Excerpt of a FaceBook post from HFI Reservist Gail Alan (from Florida). Our HFI Reservists, who have come from across the country, are some of the most dedicated and compassionate people we could ever possibly know!

71678314 2551332624912533 8969682191424421888 o "This is Curtis [who is quite ill]. We finished mucking out his very moldy house yesterday and tarped his roof today.... He has no money to rebuild and probably would have lived out his last days in his moldy house with rain still coming in through the roof if @hopeforceinternational didn’t offer him help. He is only one of thousands that are in a similar situation...or worse. So many of the Bahamian people are struggling with the loss of loved ones simply being swept out into the sea during the raging storm. They are still categorized as ‘missing’. It’s so difficult to really wrap your brain around such devastation. It’s impossible to give an answer as to why or even think we could make a significant dent in ‘fixing’ it all. I do know this...we made a HUGE difference in Curtis’s life, we helped Mary and Lauremay to have hope that things will get better. We poured our hearts out to Tish and her daughter. We shared tears, worked hard, sweated a lot and even bled a little. We will continue to make a difference in as many peoples lives that we can, for as long as we can. I just changed my flights so I can stay a little longer. More Hope Force Reservists are coming in. It takes way more than you can imagine to coordinate all that needs to happen. 
Transportation to the different sites we are working at, tools (not a hammer or shovel to be bought on this island!) -- it all takes money. Hope Force International is amazing, and doing their best to put this response together. Reservists are deploying and working really, Really hard. Please consider making a donation so we can continue to love our neighbors?!"

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