HAITI: Three Year Update

January 12, 2013

Haiti3yr 1On January 12, 2010 the people of Haiti suffered great violence at the hand of a devastating earthquake, the first of its kind in over 200 years. Suddenly, and without warning, over 200,000 people were thrust from this life. Three years since, the nation and its people, overwhelmed with grief and sorrow, still bear scars in their hearts, minds and communities.

Healing of wounds this deep takes time and great care. Not everyone heals in the same way, in the same place or at the same time. Much depends upon the magnitude of loss and the level of tangible compassion received. Some losses cannot be replaced. The only hope is that in time, and by God’s grace, the healing process of grieving will continue to ease the pain. Material loss, while devastating, can be restored or rebuilt. With the rebuilding process comes hope for a better future.

Haiti3yr 2Most of the debris is out of sight and the earthquake’s aftermath is no longer as shocking on the street. As we in Hope Force International (HFI) reflect upon these three years in Haiti we see slow progress. Small steps forward for one family, one house, one child at a time. Many transitional shelters and recently more permanent homes have been built. Some of the roads have been repaired, and more children are able to go to school.

Yet, for over 360,000 internally displaced persons (down from 1.5 million) the direct effects of the earthquake are felt every day as they still live in tent cities. For many who left the camps (sometimes forcibly) their new living conditions are not much better. Countless still live in make-shift shelters without much infrastructure, outside the city.

Much of the media and world have moved on from the news of the earthquake in Haiti. While images of the earthquake’s destruction filled our TV screens and computers in the weeks following the event, Haiti hardly makes headlines today.

Haiti3yr 3Those who live there though have not so quickly forgotten how their world changed on January 12th. Neither has HFI. Many families and children in Sous Savanne, where HFI has focussed efforts, are still in a vulnerable position. HFI wants to do more. In addition to our first 18 homes built, we’ve set a goal to build another 25 “Houses of Hope” in 2013. We also hope to rebuild one of the schools we work with in Mellier and are working towards and praying hard for the funding required.

Please join us in prayer on behalf of the Haitian people. Pray for our team and the projects of hope and healing that are underway and planned for 2013. And, come join us in putting your love of God into compassionate action. To see how your generosity impacted so many at Christmas time, click here.

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