Healthcare and Optical Clinic Helps Hundreds in Haiti

October 29, 2013

18 people X 6 days = 762 health consultations + 347 optical beneficiaries…and multiple lives impacted!

tent OrphanageThree years ago, the Family Worship Center in Lansdale, PA, hosted HFI’s Disaster Responder Training Intensive.  During the training, we shared the plight of Sous Savanne, Haiti – a rural community located in the epicenter of the tragic 2010 earthquake where 90% of the homes were destroyed.

We tried to warn them…telling them that if they decided to go once, they would lose their hearts and would want to return. Within months, a team from the church donated funds to build a house for a family who had lost everything in the earthquake.  They then joined HFI in actually helping to build that home…consequently restoring hope as an expression of their love for God and people.

optical measureWe told you so!  The team from the Family Worship Center had such a meaningful experience that, not only did they recently come back to Sous Savanne, they came in force.  A team of 18 men and women spent 6 days, providing 762 health consultations along with medications and vitamins, 347 optical consultations and distributed multiple pairs of glasses and sunglasses (desperately needed because of the intense tropical sun).  This represented the first time that Hope Force was able to offer optical care for the people of Sous Savanne and surrounding communities. We even had two physiotherapists as part of the team, resulting in some of the patients receiving PT treatment.

Optical Joyce supplyThe team was accompanied by an HFI record-setting 7 translators, which provided opportunity for team members to connect more intimately with the local people.  Stories and testimonies flowed freely and hearts were touched by a reassuring expression of God’s great love.  Care and compassion were administered to body, soul and spirit in a very tangible way.

In a final act of generosity, the Family Worship Center has once again donated funds to build more houses for families that survived the 2010 earthquake.  What an amazing gift and expression of God’s selfless love! 

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Make plans now to work with Hope Force in Haiti during 2014!

The rebuilding phase of Hope Force’s disaster response is a main thrust of our activities in Haiti.   However, there are varied and meaningful opportunities to serve.  The earthquake has exacerbated the already staggering level of poverty endemic within the country.  The unmet need is daunting and your help will make a lasting difference. 

Five or more people…for 7 or more days = a life altering opportunity!  As we look ahead to 2014, we would love to host more teams in “our little corner” of Haiti. We welcome teams to join in such activities as health care, construction (roofing/painting), teaching Bible, health seminars, orphanage care, and Vacation Bible School (VBS).  We can “tailor” the program to fit the skills and passion of the team. Not only are teams welcome from a particular church or group, but we can also make up a team from various individuals. Ideally, we need a minimum of five participants for a typical one-week stay.

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