Hope and Homes in Haiti

March 18, 2013

Dorothy’s famous words spoken in the fabled Land of Oz live on in today’s society, “There’s no place like home…”

Yet, for over 360,000 internally displaced persons (down from 1.5 million) in Haiti, home seems less attainable than a pair of glittery red slippers. 

house of hope being constructedThe direct effects of the earthquake are felt every day as countless still live in tent cities, over three years after the disaster. Many more still live in makeshift shelters without much infrastructure, outside the city.

There may not be a yellow brick road anywhere in Haiti, but there is a way to bring people home, one house at a time.

Full-time Haiti Field Team Members, Rene and Marianne Lako recently assessed and interviewed candidates for the next set of Houses of Hope in Haiti, both in Babay and Sous Savanne.

A total of 18 homes have been built since the program began in April 2012. HFI is now poised to begin construction of four more new homes in Haiti. For Hope Force, it is very important that recipient family members participate in building the house to instill pride and ownership, rather than creating a sense of dependency. HFI is strengthening its “qualifying program” to encourage even more owner participation in the program.

house of hope with teamPotential homeowners will be asked to participate in four classes and engage in a community project before qualifying for a house.

The next step is that they have to do most of the work of digging the foundation for their new home. Later they are required to help (as before) with transporting materials and providing water for mixing concrete and painting, as part of the “sweat equity” into their new home.

One of the previous recipients of HFI’s Houses of Hope, Marie talked about the impact of receiving a home for her family, “Our living situation has changed for the better. This house means hope – hope for the future.”

In response to this great need, HFI is endeavoring to build an additional 25 homes in Haiti in 2013. Churches, groups and individuals can help sponsor a House of Hope. For more info, click here.



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