Hope for Puerto Rico

January 10, 2018

GIFMaker.org wXtx7I 2“Thank you so much for coming…!”  We heard this over and over from the Puerto Rican people, and not just from those we had the privilege of helping.  We heard it at the airport, at restaurants, from pastors and community leaders – and often with tearful expressions of gratitude from recipients of compassionate and practical assistance.  Everywhere we went, we found ourselves stating, "You are NOT forgotten by your fellow Americans in the States!"

An example of those served by the Hope Force International (HFI) team is Samuel and his severely handicapped brother, Edwin. The team worked tirelessly to restore the roof and repair the walls of their hard-hit home. Samuel, who has a degree in Criminal Justice, gave up his job in law enforcement to care for his brother when his parents died, fearing that his brother would encounter deplorable conditions in a mental institution.

GIFMaker.org WLBxaXThe team also went home to home, giving  “Hope Packages” (a solar panel with cable, solar light, fan, water filter and hygiene products) to people like Senora Ceresa Amanda – a nearly 100-year-old lady living without the aid of electricity and readily available drinking water.  For those who were able-bodied, HFI distributed corrugated metal roofing materials and other supplies to homeowners who had lost their roofs. 

The need remains great, and Hope Force is committed to doing all we can  for as long as we can  in an effort to provide help and to inspire hope.  Please join us in prayer for the daunting task of recovery and rebuilding that is ahead.  Also, pray for wisdom and discernment on behalf of HFI as we seek to tangibly express the love of God to these American citizens who have much to endure in the long road of recovery ahead.

Thank you to all who have given to make a world of difference in Puerto Rico!

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