Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

July 14, 2016

IMG 6117In June 2016, Hope Force Haiti held it's first ever, "Meet your Sponsored Child" week -- a week designed specifically for those who sponsor a child in the HFI program.  To date, there are 137 children in this program, and many more who would love to have YOU invest into their lives. 

IMG 6120The team had a great week by visiting the various schools that their child attends, spent time playing and visiting with their sponsored child(ren) and family, helped with the monthly food distribution and walked the village that Hope Force has come to call it's own: Sous Savanne. 

The impact on the child sponsors is evident as they shared from their hearts about their time:

2016 06 18 PHOTO 00000142 

“I had a wonderful experience getting to meet and spend time with my sponsored child. Spending the week seeing and experiencing the life these children live, day to day, was a great opportunity.
My child went from being a picture on my bulletin board of a child I help, to a child that I have now seen where and how she lives, that has a special place in my heart.” - Tamara





2016 06 18 PHOTO 00000144
“There was no way I could have prepared myself for what I was going to see, smell, taste, touch and experience in Haiti.Seeing things here definitely made me rethink how I view things, like being hot, hungry, tired and needy. There is only so much we can do to change Haiti as a whole, but what we can do each and everyday by showing Gods love, matters; whether that be financially or physically being in Haiti. At the end of the week, for the mother of the child I sponsor to call me “the godmother of her child” and that she loved me, was priceless.” - Alyssa


2016 06 18 PHOTO 000001412016 06 18 PHOTO 00000143

"...Having met Ketzaina during the last trip and now meeting Gabens and Melendjie on this trip was special. However this trip allowed me to get a glimpse of their every day life, their family, their living surroundings, their school. All of which helped me to know their needs as well as establish a deeper connection with them and their families. What a blessing!" - Yvonne 


2016 06 18 PHOTO 00000145
“I had been to Haiti four times before this trip, but our CSP trip was an entirely different experience. Being able to meet my sponsored child, see her home, visit her school and meet her family gave ma a true insight into her life. This trip made me feel connected to my child and to all of Sous Savanne. The love and dedication that Rene and Marianne have for this community is incredibly inspring! God has put Haiti on my heart and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me in the future!" - Kate


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