Nepal - Earthquake Situation Report #2

May 1, 2015

Nepal.15.05.2As much of the national media reduces their coverage of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, our hearts still grieve for the thousands affected by the disaster. Death toll counts now approach 6000 with nearly 14,000 injured; numbers continue to climb.

Prime Minister Shushi Koirala stated to Reuters earlier this week, “The death toll could reach 10,000”. Relief efforts are just now beginning to reach outlying villages. The Nepalese army currently leads search efforts in the countryside to understand the scope of damage and loss. Transportation still proves to be a great challenge for both aid workers and supply chains.

Hope Force International [HFI] continues to work with partners in the U.S. and Nepal, determining how best to support joint efforts in bringing aid to those in need. No one organization can do everything. The beauty of trusted partnerships is in discovering that each “puzzle piece” has value and when joined together, much can be accomplished.

Reports from the field indicate an increasing lack of orthopedic supplies. HFI is in current collaboration with a number of organizations to help facilitate donations of those supplies. As well, we continue to staff our “standby” list of medical personnel, to be sent as needed.

As in the case for most large-scale international disasters, the situation on the ground in Nepal remains ever-changing and chaotic. Confirming “next steps” is a journey of partner relationships, research, teamwork and prayer.

Please continue to pray for Nepal and Hope Force’s response to the needs.

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