Nepal Response Overview

June 22, 2015

ppl.nepalTwo months ago Nepal was rocked by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by a 7.3 earthquake twelve days later. No matter how many times we stand on the brink of such devastation, the pain of seeing our fellow man suffer such a horrific tragedy softens the heart and compels us into action.

Once again, Hope Force International [HFI] had the “terrible privilege” of rising to meet the need of those who suffered in this tragic event. We are so grateful for the HFI Reservists and volunteers who rose to the occasion and joined us by becoming the “tip of the arrow” for a successful medical response. These two back-to-back teams were comprised of doctors, nurses, PA’s, photographers, and general administrative personnel -- but most importantly, willing hearts and hands to serve with compassion.
Our teams were met at the airport by our Nepalese host, Apple of God’s Eyes Ministries, who not only honored us upon arrival, but displayed gracious hospitality while working alongside our teams.
wendy.nepalOver the course of four weeks, our teams traveled into hard-to-reach rural communities outside of Kathmandu, and at times, were the very first to provide medical attention to the injured. A total of 1,084 patients were tended to in our clinics; countless more were comforted by the fact that a group of people would travel halfway around the world to let them know they mattered.

Recently released statistics from revealed that 2.8 million are in need of assistance, nearly 8,800 fatalities occurred, 510,762 homes were destroyed, and an additional 291,707 homes were damaged. The severity of this earthquake is such that the road to recovery will be both long and grueling. HFI is making plans, along with our national partner, to engage in recovery and rebuilding needs. 

As you can imagine, the lives of the Nepalese were not the only ones being touched. Members of our teams have written of the impact on themselves. Here’s what they had to say: READ MORE


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