Renewed Hope in Texas

July 10, 2018

IMG 7122As Benny and Linda stand looking at their home, they are overwhelmed with over forty years of memories. They raised their family in this home, and it is now in shambles –having been devastated by Hurricane Harvey almost one year ago. Now in their seventies and with deteriorating health, the very idea of attempting to restore their home on their own has been more than they could bear. As a younger man, Benny would have rolled up his sleeves and gone to work. Sadly, this challenge is beyond him at this stage of his life. 

IMG 7099The good news is that through donated building materials, labor and generous donations, Benny and Linda’s home is being restored. Recently, an HFI team comprised of two local churches from Franklin, Tennessee made the 900+ mile trek to Benny and Linda’s home. The objective of the trip was to practically demonstrate God’s love to two people in desperate need of “good news”. This took the form of repairing damaged floors, framing up the interior walls and installing windows. As the home is being restored to exceed pre-flood levels of quality, Benny & Linda are living from a place of renewed hope and expectancy. 

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