Response to Disaster in The Philippines

November 12, 2013

The world has been shaken once again by a devastating disaster of unimaginable proportions. Tacloban, Philippines received the brunt of Typhoon Hayian, and has suffered intense loss of life and property.  For those of us in North America, think of a high intensity tornado 100 miles wide.  This represents one of the worst storms in history.

A highly skilled Hope Force International (HFI) Reservist is en route to the destruction zone where he will begin the assessment process for Hope Force. Our response efforts will be conducted in collaboration with local partners on the ground.   We have been in contact with several agencies to ascertain how to best support existing initiatives underway to ease the suffering of survivors.  Resources locally are limited, and we will proceed purposefully -- in a way that adds strength to the relief efforts.  This will be a long process.

Hope Force is receiving financial donations to assist in mounting an effective response on behalf of those struggling to recover from Typhoon Hayian.   Please pray for those affected by this horrendous disaster, and for God’s guidance and provision for Hope Force International as we endeavor to bring help and hope.

Jack P. Minton

Founder, CEO
Hope Force International

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