Severe Weather Season

April 17, 2019

a IMG 9602.102434It's that time of year when we’re awed by blooming flowers, vibrant green grass and the delightful songs of birds that tickle our ears. But for those of us in Hope Force International [HFI], Spring has an added meaning: it is tornado season. History shows us that April and May are the most active months for severe weather in the southeast and Midwest regions. HFI has deployed into significant tornado and flood responses in the past few years.  A few of the historical tornadoes HFI has responded to were in Moore, OK, Mayflower, AK, Joplin, MO and Lee County, Alabama.  HFI has an extensive history of response to floods in places like Cedar Rapids, IA, Nashville, TN and Baton Rouge, LA. 

As Spring morphs into the summer months, our attention will move to watching the seas and tropical storm systems. June marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, which peaks in mid-August through October. Once again, history shows us some of our memorable responses have been: Hurricanes Irene, Isaac, Sandy and most recently, Harvey, Maria, Michael and Florence. As we reflect back, we remember those survivors whom we were privileged to serve and the life-changing impact of compassion.

Here at the HFI home-based office in Tennessee, we are gearing up and tuning in, ready to respond where needed. Are you ready to jump into the fray with us?  Without you, there is no Hope Force International...and no HFI deployments.  You are needed!

For our Hope Force Reservists:  as we prepare for this season together, here are a few reminders:

  • Talk with your employer – We are so grateful that many of your employers willingly contribute to deployments by releasing you to serve. 
  • Get your “Go Bag” ready – Log in to the Reservists Corner for packing tips. From video clips to downloadable checklists, you can head to the field fully prepared.
  • Review & Refresh – Log in to the Reservists Corner to review slides and speaker videos from the HFI Disaster Responder Training Intensive
  • Watch & Pray – Keep an eye on the weather, pray as you see storms developing, and check your email inbox for info from HFI.
  • Be a light in your own neighborhood – make sure those around you are prepared; especially the elderly and single-parent homes.

For those who are not (yet) Hope Force Reservists: you are needed, too!  Please consider making a donation when Hope Force responds to upcoming disaster events.  AND...please come join our ranks!  Click Here to see when and where our next HFI Disaster Responder Training Intensives are.

CONTACT: -- OR call 615-371-1271

Thank you for making a world of difference! 

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