Situation Report: Nepal

May 13, 2015

team.truck2In the aftermath of two devastating earthquakes, Hope Force International’s medical team is focusing efforts in difficult access locations in Nepal where travel to remote areas is lengthy. From the onset, the team immediately began to tend to the physical needs of local villagers. 

Simultaneously, Hope Force sent a scouting party of HFI and indigenous staff ahead of the medical team to ascertain the areas of greatest need. This proved to be effective in reaching woefully under-served survivors of the earthquake. This quote from HFI nurse, Christi Kambs of Menlo Park, California, sums it up:Nepalese2 

"There aren't words, just tears. No photo can capture the utter devastation in the outer villages-- especially those we reached yesterday completely leveled by the quake. The village we are heading back to today has broken bones still needing to be set, undressed wounds to the bone, infections, limbs needing to be amputated and of course incredible emotional trauma.... Our team is safe, healthy but heartbroken."

The team spent the day in very effective and meaningful service. While making their way to the next site at mid-afternoon, the nation was rocked by a 7.3 earthquake.  Shaken, they immediately placed a call to HFI headquarters to inform us that they were safe and doing well.  As can be imagined, nerves are a bit on edge yet team spirits are high. 

Immediately after the quake, HFI medical staff journeyed to the government hospital to offer their services, anticipating more injuries.  Upon return to our hosts in Khatmandu, Christi Kambs stated:  "We are all shaken up from the big quake, but safe and healthy. Last night we rode out all the aftershocks sleeping outside at the school along with all the girls from the orphanage. There is sheer terror every time we shake. With a few hours of sleep, we are heading out now to the villages to set up clinics. We can feel your prayers and love from across the globe….”

ray.stolarskiThe team is now being redeployed to remote communities that have dramatic need. Word from the team is that they have seen very hard hit areas and are now setting up their base camp from which they will reach out to surrounding villages for the next 3-4 days.

At the strong urging of our Nepalese host, HFI is preparing a second team for deployment to the region, departing within the next few days. 


Your prayers and financial support for this endeavor of compassion is much appreciated. 

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