Situation Report: Update from Nepal-- May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015



HFI Stafffer & Medical Team Leader, Marianne Lako, assists patients in the village clinic.


 As Nepal fades from the nightly news reports after suffering two devastating earthquakes, Hope Force International’s second medical response team continues to serve the Nepalese people. A six hour journey up winding mountain roads led our team to their next village “home” for four days -- serving in an area that had yet to receive aid. After setting up camp, tarps quickly appeared along hillside ridges to house a pharmacy, patient intake table, assessment booth and physical therapy corner.  One quarter of the entire village died in the aftermath of the quake, and many more had suffered severe injuries.

Patients eager for help quickly crowded closer. Many still exhibit fragile emotions from frequent aftershocks and the impending monsoon season. Their reality: more rain equals increased landslides and treacherous travel. More rain means increased landslides, treacherous travel and the realities of no shelter.

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AOGE director Silvio Silva & HFI team leader, Chuck Duby

Our partner and Nepalese host, Apple of God's Eyes Ministries, has honored us with these words of appreciation:

"We as the family of The Apple of God's Eyes Ministry and on behalf of the people of Nepal, would like to thank you and your team for blessing and serving our people.

Also we would like to give thanks to your families who sent you in this crucial moment to Nepal and to all those who supported you. We will be eternally grateful to you and we have no words to express our gratitude for each and every member of our team. All the best from our hearts, Thank you so much."

Our gratefulness continues for the privilege of serving the precious Nepalese people together. 

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