Southeast U.S. Tornadoes

April 13, 2020

Hope Force International (HFI) is reaching out to our contacts in or near communities that were impacted by yesterday’s deadly tornado outbreak.  Like you, our hearts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones, suffered injury and/or property damage.  Many remain without power and people in shelters are endeavoring to exercise caution and social distancing, which surely must be challenging.

As we seek to determine if and where we might respond, HFI is absolutely committed to the health and well being of staff and Reservists — as well as survivors — as it pertains to the Corona virus.  With this in mind, and should we respond, precautions such as the wearing of masks, and limiting physical contact with others, will be exercised while endeavoring to meet the needs of survivors.

We realize that these are unique times and circumstances.  Anyone desiring to respond must assess their own health, and only do so after prayerful consideration and consultation with family and friends.  Should you decide this deployment is not for you, be confident that God is more than able to provide all the people needed to accomplish His purposes in and through HFI.

We felt it important to reach out to you in advance of deployment directives to provide adequate time for prayerful consideration.  You are very important to us and we want to honor your desire to serve, while acknowledging our need for God’s wisdom and direction together.

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