The Oasis of Hope - One HUGE step forward!

June 22, 2015

Members of the Hope Force International (HFI) team, both staff and Reservists, recently completed an important exercise – the erection of the "Oasis of Hope" 4,200 square foot tent. Together, we set up the facility, utilized a mobile feeding unit and provided meals to all involved. The drill was designed to indicate areas of strength in our processes…and reveal areas of opportunity for improvement.  The event culminated in a delicious meal, worship and prayer as we dedicated the facility.

Oasis: “A pleasant place surrounded by an unpleasant place.” This exercise provided a glimpse into the intended purpose: to provide a gathering place that will offer help, hope and comfort to disaster survivors. We invite you to watch the short video below, created to tell the story and cast the vision of HFI’s Oasis of Hope.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mark Campbell-Jones for the creation of both the videos seen in this e-newsletter. Here is a fun time-lapse clip that Mark created of the tent erection. We are thankful for all the HFI Reservists that came from six states to invest their time and energies into making this happen.  

This 1:16 video covers the laying out of the tent on a Wednesday morning, and the completion on Thursday afternoon. The final steps included the set up of the inside with tables, chairs and lights -- all necessary to create the warm, welcoming atmosphere we desire to offer those who come to the Oasis of Hope for comfort and help.


Thank you to all who have participated in making this dream a reality!

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