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You are Needed: Help Us Get the Word Out!

June 26, 2019

ScreenShot2019 06 26at12.06.48PM.120722 Hope Force International (HFI) needs to increase the number of prequalified disaster response volunteers...and we would like to bring the HFI disaster response training to your area!

Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires seem to be an almost daily occurrence. Homes ravaged, lives turned upside down and shattered dreams are often the unavoidable consequence. When people find themselves in this kind of trouble, the "ministry of presence" can make a world of difference! When followers of Jesus enter into the survivor's circumstance...roll up their sleeves and put their love of God into practical and compassionate action, it offers help and inspires hope.

HFI has been a pathway of service into the aftermath of disaster for over 16 years. We are truly grateful for the multitudes of people who have responded to the call for help here in the USA and beyond. However, there are increasing occasions in which the needs of people exceed our capacity...and many more volunteers will be required to adequately respond in the days ahead.

Simply stated: WE NEED TO RADICALLY INCREASE THE NUMBER OF PRE-TRAINED VOLUNTEERS IN OUR RANKS. The two-day HFI training prequalifies people – making them eligible for immediate deployment into the chaotic, yet rewarding field of disaster response.

Would you consider being a catalyst for bringing HFI to your community? If you are willing to help, simply click here and let us know the best way to connect with you, which will be followed up with direct communication.

Please watch the following video which shares our heart and describes the challenge before us:



Our resilience training and recovery efforts are ready to deploy anywhere and everywhere that they’re needed.

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