Become a Disaster Responder

Hope Force International has experienced rapid growth as people around the world respond to the cries of help from those who are suffering. We now have a cadre of over 2,000 trained Reservists who are on call and ready for rapid deployment.

HFI Reservist training is held throughout the year in various locations across the United States. Our vision is to equip and empower willing responders to serve in immediate aftermath and recovery efforts, whenever and wherever disaster strikes. Hope Force Reservist training focuses on preparing an individual for the arduous task of a disaster responder.

The nature of disaster response can be grueling, with responders often facing very long hours each day, while serving individuals who have experienced tremendous loss and suffering. If an individual desires to become an HFI Reservist, he or she must be personally prepared at every level. Learning to give appropriate care to others and to oneself is of utmost importance.

The signature Hope Force Reservist program, called an HFI Basic Training Intensive, includes two days of basic training for service with Hope Force International. This training is required to be approved as a Hope Force Reservist, eligible for rapid deployment within 24 to 48 hours of a disaster event.

Training Information, Dates & Registration

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The HFI Reservist is eligible for deployment at any time during the relief effort, from the immediate aftermath to weeks and months after the initial event. For example, HFI had Reservists on the ground within 48 hours of Hurricane Katrina's landfall; several years later we were still deploying Reservists and volunteers throughout the recovery phase. In addition, there are often vital support functions that must be carried out at our various office locations in order to mount an effective response. Administrative support is a critical need, especially in the immediate aftermath of a disaster event, and one for which a trained Hope Force Reservist may be well suited.

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Hope Force is grateful for the very generous gift of an ID Card Printer from AlphaCard*, providing badges for all of our Hope Force staff and volunteers in field service.  We highly recommend AlphaCard to our supporters!  (*Hope Force receives "in-kind" donations for various areas of service.  If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, please contact us at Thank you!)