Houses of Hope


Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January 2010 galvanized the world to reach out to a nation suffering from untold destruction. Over four years later, Hope Force continues to be actively engaged in providing basic necessities for Haitians in desperate need. Though the quality of life has been improved for many people in Sous Savanne, the issue of long-term housing is a vital step in long term recovery.

Screen Shot 2018 08 29 at 3.01.02 PMThe goal of the “Houses of Hope” project is to work with villagers to build durable, permanent homes, which will be constructed using high-quality blocks, a concrete foundation, and good quality trusses and roofing built by local contractor. The block design demonstrates commitment to the Haitian people and their culture that views block homes as permanent shelters. “Houses of Hope” is a vital step in meeting the dire housing needs of  Sous Savanne and surrounding communities. It is also key to the long term recovery of rural Haiti. These homes can be built for $5,800 each. A secondary objective is to build a latrine in cases where appropriate. The cost to build a latrine is currently $1,300 each.


For Hope Force, it is very important that recipient family members participate in building the house to instill pride and ownership rather than creating a sense of dependency. The candidate(s) — who are most often vulnerable single mothers with two or more children —are asked to participate in a brief training/educational program, including Biblical teaching, personal responsibility, health education and also engage in a community project. The beneficiary needs to have their own land and provide two bags of cement. Construction begins with family members digging the foundation under the supervision of the contractor. For the duration of the project the family provides water needed for mixing concrete and actively works together to earn “sweat equity” in their new home. Finally, the family members participate in the painting of the house. When the house is finished, we dedicate the new home by presenting a Bible or New Testament, the keys to the home, a time of prayer, and photo shoot of the family at their new home. 

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