Oasis of Hope

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For more than ten years, many have prayed, given and served with HFI in response to the plight of disaster survivors at home and abroad. We could not have done – nor can ever do – this without you. Over this past decade, we’ve learned firsthand what disaster survivors need most. This experience is shaping how we will respond to future events as we continue to expand our capabilities. 


In the immediate aftermath of a disaster event, people are overwhelmed and long for help as they seek to restore a sense of normalcy. This confusing and daunting process is complicated even further by the stress associated with such upheaval. Hope Force International exists to bring order and peace to this chaos. The “ministry of presence” and practical help unites us with our donors as we seek to demonstrate God’s unfailing love to people in what may be their darkest hour. 


In an effort to meet this felt need, Hope Force International has launched an exciting initiative – the “Oasis of Hope.” Through a generous donation, HFI has acquired a spacious 4,200 square foot, steel-framed tent, dedicated to assisting in the process of meeting the emotional, practical, relational and spiritual needs of disaster Tentsurvivors. The “Oasis of Hope” will help to re-establish community –providing a gathering place where information can be obtained and given…a sense of “belonging” restored. This is especially important in smaller communities that are often overlooked and under-served. Our goal is to support and care for survivors with dignity and respect in their time of great need. Special care will be given to create a comforting ambience where physical, emotional, social, relational and spiritual needs can be tended. Meals will be nourishing and plentiful, a focal point of community gatherings. At night, soft lights will create a warm atmosphere -- similar to what can be found in nicer restaurants – providing an inviting welcome. An Internet café will offer access to the outside world -– something desperately needed by survivors and responders alike when local telecommunications services are down. In this comforting environment, caseworkers will gather information to ascertain how best to respond to individual needs.


Cost TableHelp us with the provisions and furnishings of the “Oasis of Hope.” Now that we’ve secured the high quality tent and other tools, we’'ve made great strides toward operational readiness. We still need to obtain kitchen and dining equipment, lighting and generators, satellite communications and other miscellaneous items. 

A bonus: much of what is needed will serve a dual purpose –assisting with the execution of existing disaster response programs.

Will you consider making a financial donation to Hope Force International & The Oasis of Hope Project?


In May 2015, members of the Hope Force International team, both staff and Reservists, completed an important exercise – the erection of the "Oasis of Hope".  Together, we set up the facility, utilized a mobile feeding unit and provided meals to all involved.  The drill was designed to indicate areas of strength in our processes…and reveal areas of opportunity for improvement.  The event culminated in a delicious meal, worship and prayer as we dedicated the facility. 


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