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Texas Winter Storm

When you think of Texas, you think of big sky, longhorns, and heat. You never think of subzero windchills and prolonged periods of sub-freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, that was the reality for many in this country just over a week ago.

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HFI February, 2021 Update

The harsh realities of the seemingly increasing weather events in the U.S. and around the world has coincided with Hope Force International’s (HFI) thrust of regionalizing operations.

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Happy New Year!

As a disaster response organization, Hope Force International (HFI) offers help and hope to people who are struggling with sudden, unexpected and often traumatic loss. In 2020, HFI responders worked tirelessly to demonstrate God’s great love to people impacted by crisis and disaster across the USA, Mexico, and post-earthquake Ha...

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Help... Hope... and YOU!

You likely do not need to be convinced that natural disasters present an ever-increasing threat to humanity.

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Hope Force In Action

Her name describes her perfectly: Lovely has been in the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) of Hope Force International from the beginning...

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Hurricane Eta

Southern Mexico has been severely impacted by Hurricane Eta. Though the rain has stopped, flood waters continue to plague the state of Tabasco.

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HFI Mexico Response

As residents of southeast Mexico had just begun to catch their breath from the torrential rains of Hurricane Delta, they were struck with relentless Hurricane Eta...

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Your Gift In Action

Any gift will help us respond to a disaster event, build capacity and expand that pathway of service for many. Join us as we put our love and faith into compassionate action!

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Prepare to Make a Difference!

HFI needs to increase the number of prequalified disaster response volunteers...and we would like to bring the HFI disaster response training to your area!

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Video from Haiti!

It is hard to imagine that it has been 10 years since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti -- forever changing the country. As we take time to remember and reflect, we invite you to watch this HFI television interview on the work of Hope Force International's continued work there.


Answer the Call. Get Trained!

The HFI Reservist is eligible for deployment at any time during the relief effort, from the immediate aftermath to weeks and months after the initial event.

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We Are Hope Force!

This short video captures the very essence of the vision and mission of Hope Force International! We hope you take a moment to watch and become inspired as you not only see our heart, but learn how you too can help bring compassionate action to someone in need!

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Go There!

Throughout history, the failure to cope with natural disasters has produced devastating consequences, from countless lives lost to ruined homes, businesses and economies. Tragically, it is often the poorest of the poor who are the most vulnerable. Around the world over 60 million people a year are affected by disasters and crisis. 

As never before, trained disaster responders are needed to walk sensitively and appropriately alongside those affected by crisis. Hope Force International (HFI) is a Christian response to disaster events that surround us at home and abroad, reaching out to those who experience suffering and loss. Read more about us »

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