HFI Mexico was established through God opening doors to a pathway of service to equip, empower and release followers of Jesus into greater levels of compassionate ministry on behalf of people affected by crisis, disaster and chronic poverty.  

We’re excited about Hope Force International Mexico and we need your wisdom, insight, prayers, experience and participation to help bring this vision to reality to maximize the potential that currently resides within the HFI Reservist community in Mexico and attract and equip new recruits. The purpose of these efforts is to increase our response capacity locally and regionally in Mexico, while retaining the ability to do so internationally as a vital part of HFI Mexico’s overall response.


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A well-equipped cadre of Reservists in Mexico will be able to respond nationally, through the Americas and around the world. We will be in a much stronger position to respond to disasters like the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador (a Spanish-speaking nation) and beyond. We recognize this as an amazing opportunity to extend the response capacity of HFI Mexico in our own hemisphere… and around the world.

In addition to responding to sudden and unexpected calamities, HFI Mexico will attempt to recruit and deploy a minimum of two teams a year to serve people affected by extreme poverty, crisis or disaster. Most of our Mexico Reservists have not had the opportunity to deploy to a disaster. HFI is committed to providing opportunities to better prepare our Reservists for future calamities. Our experience teaches us that when HFI Reservists work together in a non-emergency situation, this provides team experience, creates unity and greater cohesiveness in the future.

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