Get Involved

In the last 20 years, the number of natural disasters in America has tripled. In 2010 alone the United States suffered a record-breaking 250 calamities and in 2011 there were more disaster declarations than at any other time in our history. Because of the skyrocketing number of crises in our world, effective disaster response and recovery initiatives are more important now than ever before. Hope Force International is meeting this need by providing a pathway for the Christian community to respond to life-altering disasters worldwide. 

Within each of us there is something of the Divine origin that inspires us to be an expression of hope in time of need. Instinctively, we want to do something to help; we just don't know what or how. We believe that there is nothing more powerful than the compassionate actions of a well-prepared volunteer who desires to reflect the love and compassionate nature of Jesus to hurting people.

In the practical sense, our calling is to provide medical services, food, water and emotional and spiritual support. Some will play their role in this process by arriving on the scene to supply relief immediately after disaster. Whether it is providing life-changing medical intervention, applying tarps to damaged roofs, or simply offering a compassionate, listening ear, volunteers can make a difference in the lives of other people. Survivors respond with great joy and open hearts to volunteers ready to roll up their sleeves and work alongside them.

Come join the ranks of those who desire to put their love of God into compassionate action! Become trained and equipped to aid in disaster relief.  Pray for those affected by disaster and for those who serve them. When each of us gives what we can, collectively we can ignite hope in the lives of individuals and communities in our neighborhoods and around the world.

If you're interested in knowing how you can join us on the pathway of service, please contact us at or telephone 615-371-1271. We'd love to welcome you into our ranks!