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child sponsorship 8For just over a $1 a day, you can support a child in Sous Savanne, Haiti through the Hope Force Child Sponsorship program.

Sous Savanne is a rural village located near Leogane -- the epicenter of the January 2010 earthquake that killed an estimated 230,000 number of people in Haiti. Hurricanes, lack of infrastructure and election violence have served to substantially slow efforts towards recovery and millions are still grappling with the painful road to recovery. A cholera epidemic has affected 400,000 people and killed nearly 6,000. 

HFI had personnel on the ground within days of the cataclysmic 2010 disaster and remains committed to helping Haiti recover.

The devastation was unlike anything we had ever witnessed before, explains Jack Minton, HFI Founder/CEO. For a nation already crippled by chronic poverty, this was a severe blow to their struggle for survival.

While aid organizations swelled around the capital of Port-au-Prince, places like Sous Savanne -- despite their proximity to the epicenter of the earthquake -- seemed forgotten.

With a desire to target remote areas that others had not yet reached, HFI went to the village of Sous Savanne. The situation there immediately got the attention of staff. It is estimated that more than 90% of the dwellings in the Sous Savanne region were destroyed in the earthquake.

child sponsorship 9HFI set up disaster relief tents in Sous Savanne for those who lost their homes. Next, HFI began providing daily necessities for the villagers through the Child Sponsorship Program. Through this initiative, approximately 200 children (numbers are growing) now receive food supplements for their families each month, benefitting well over 400 people. Many families in the village also receive health care through ongoing medical outreach supported by the Child Sponsorship Program.

Children under five years of age are the most vulnerable members of society in developing nations -- children like Douimy, Jennifer and Marie Jo.

When HFI first began assessments in the village, the two older girls were not going to school; now they are able to attend. The family was also the first one to receive a tent during the Hope Force shelter program in 2010, making them one of the long-term recipients of HFI's compassion and care.

Their mother, Louisanne told HFI: "I am so thankful I can now send them to school and they can learn to read and write. The kids are happy and most of the days when I see their smiles I can be happy. Life is not easy and I need to take it a day at the time. Thank you for helping us"!

While HFI has alleviated much suffering for the people of Sous Savanne through housing projects, the ultimate aim is to also improve quality of life for the villagers in the long term.

For just over a $1 a day, you can partner with Hope Force and the village of Sous Savanne by sponsoring a child in Haiti.

Your pledge of $34 a month will provide access to health programs, education, food security and hope.

Sponsorship is a great way for individuals, families and church groups to get involved in making a difference in rebuilding Haiti.

Once sponsorship commences, HFI staff will connect you with one of the children in the program by sending you a biographical profile along with photographs. You will also have the opportunity to correspond with your sponsored child.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity. It is a wonderful outreach for individuals, families, and church groups. Please click here to make a pledge. and sponsor a child in Haiti today.

If you prefer, print a pledge card and return it to HFI in the mail:Child Sponsorship Pledge Card

Please contact children@hopeforce.org if you are interested in partnering with the Child Sponsorship Program or if you have any other questions.

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