Child Sponsorship FAQs

Hope Force continues to focus on the community of Sous Savanne, Haiti, and the Child Sponsorship Program is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of the work in the village.

What are the immediate goals of the Child Sponsorship Program?

We have approximately 100 high priority families we would like to see sponsored. Many of these families have a number of children. At the moment, we are looking for one child to get sponsored in each family -- essentially one sponsor per family. As the program grows, we hope to find additional sponsorship for multiple children in larger families. It is not uncommon to find families with eight to ten people in them; these families undoubtedly require more than one food portion through the program each month.

Where is Sous Savanne?

It is about two hours from Port-au-Prince or 30 minutes from Leogane. Click here to see a map of the region.

How many families are you helping?

Out of the 100 high priority families we have identified, we currently have 128 who are benefitting from the Child Sponsorship Program.

What does the sponsorship pledge of $34 cover?

  • Education: School fees, uniforms and supplies.
  • Food: Rice and 'manna packs' consisting of rice, soy and vitamins.
  • Health and sanitation: Community Health Education and visiting medical teams.
  • Programmatic execution: Communications, transportation, translation and administration.

Each child receives rice on a monthly basis. In addition we also distribute “Manna packs” that consist of rice, soy and added vitamins, all of which benefits the whole family. The Child Sponsorship Program is also addressing healthcare, water and sanitation. For example, one deployment included a door-to-door cholera prevention campaign. The field team and visiting Medical teams also provide Community Health Education, as well as basic health needs in the community. 

I am unable to give $34 a month -- can I still help?

Our Child Sponsorship Program is a great way for families and churches to pitch in together. Why not find a friend or family member or church group who can collectively sponsor one child?

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Absolutely! As our program grows, we are looking at more opportunities to sponsor more than one child per family

HFI ensures that sponsored children receive the pledged support and benefits.

We have an in-country team to directly manage and oversee the distribution of goods, services and funding.  This team works in collaboration with village leadership and has established a very good system for ensuring that supplies and resources are distributed to the correct families each month. Hope Force has completed extensive assessments of the village, creating detailed maps, dossiers on each family, ID cards, and contracts for each benefiting family to sign.

What is the duration of the Child Sponsorship Program?

We are asking each sponsor to make a one-year pledge to the program.

How can I communicate with my sponsored child?

At this time, the mail system is virtually non-existent between Haiti and the United States, so we rely on deployment teams traveling to and from the country to carry correspondence. Once a person signs up as a sponsor, they will be notified of windows of time when they can write to their children and send pictures. The children also write back to their sponsors so sponsors can expect to hear from them several times a year. Our staff handles all of the translation.

How can I find out more?

Please contact for questions or comments about the Child Sponsorship Program.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity. It is a wonderful outreach for individuals, families, and church groups. If you would like to sponsor a child in Haiti today, please click here to make a pledge.