January 12, 2010 brought devastation to the country of Haiti.  An estimated 3 million people were directly affected by the 7.0 earthquake.  Hope Force had volunteers on the ground within days providing medical assistance to those injured.  The need was so overwhelming that our HFI staff knew that they would need to continue to be committed to helping those affected by this disaster. Jack Minton, HFI Founder/President shared, “For a nation already crippled by chronic poverty, this was a severe blow to their struggle for survival”.

Hope Force came alongside a village, a small community that was overwhelmed and overlooked by disaster response agencies.  It was estimated that more than 90% of the dwellings were destroyed.   By providing for their needs at a time of overwhelming loss, we were able to let them know that they were not forgotten, provided hope and a pathway to recovery.

Hope force continues to have two full time staff members serving in throughout Haiti.  This helps to provide a coordinated effort for our on-going work.  We have cared for the village in many ways: building permanent homes and latrines; developing a child sponsorship program; providing assistance with food insecurity, reaching out to other communities in times of disasters and hosting mission teams to help with the on-going programs. 


Millions of people grapple with the painful road to recovery.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, lack of infrastructure, political unrest and gang related violence has only continued to create a difficult pathway to a better future.  This is why Hope Force remains committed to serve the people of Haiti.



Below you will find our current Haiti programs that you can get involved with in many unique ways.

Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a great way for individuals, families and church groups to get involved in making a difference in rebuilding communities.

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Houses of Hope & Latrines for Health

“Houses of Hope” is a vital step in meeting the dire housing needs.  Another objective is to build latrines to improve living.

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HFI works to bring relief through special projects that help with food security, education for children, and natural disaster relief.

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Outreach teams

Outreach teams to Haiti and other countries have been a significant part of Hope Force International, with several short-term trips planned each year.

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We have two staff members devoted to our work in Haiti.

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Marianne Lako


Make a Difference

Come join us and make a world of difference!

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