Alabama Tornado Response

March 20, 2019

2019 AlabamaTornado Sometimes when we respond in such tragic situations – as our team did in Lee County, Alabama shortly after a devastating tornado took 23 lives – you never know the full impact of your service. When we arrive, people are trying to make sense of what just happened, and they are often overwhelmed and distraught. This is exactly what our team found as they put their love of God into compassionate and practical action when they served a survivor couple.

HFI Disaster Services Manager Joey Stoltzfus received a text from a local partner who came by to revisit the homeowners after the team had helped them. "Shane and I followed up with the homeowners with the blue tin roof... Joey, they were smiling and full of life. Your team gave them hope again... The situation was overwhelming to them. Thank you, Joey, for what you do…. Gene, Church of the Highlands”

Please continue to pray for the Alabama tornado survivors, that they will recover practically, emotionally and spiritually – especially knowing that God loves them and that they are not alone.


Tornado Actions

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