Delayed but not dismayed!

May 15, 2017

Screen Shot 2017 05 15 at 3.36.58 PMRain, rain and more rain has been on the minds of those living in our adopted Haitian village in recent weeks. For those living in Sous Savanne, that translates into very muddy roads and flooding of fields. However, in other parts of Haiti, the flooding has been even more severe and damaged more crops, homes and washed out roads.

A small project we've found necessary to undertake with the increase in moisture is to improve the road from our HFI staff home to Sous Savanne, as well as an area in the village itself by adding dirt/gravel to fill the muddy potholes. One project that has been delayed Screen Shot 2017 05 15 at 3.53.58 PMis the Houses of Hope. Foundations for the first two 2017 Houses of Hope have their foundations dug, materials delivered to site, and are awaiting drier weather in order to pour the foundation footers.

The reconstruction of ECCA School, lost in the 2010 earthquake, has seen the completion of the first building with four classrooms, and the foundation for the second block of three classrooms has been dug. Concrete for the footings has been poured, and we hope that the rain will not further delay the continuation of this phase of the project! This second building is fully funded, but we are still seeking funds for the third set of three classrooms, the latrine block and the finishing work. The outstanding amount needed is just under $50,000, and we once again invite friends to partner with us in bringing this project in for a landing. The rebuilding of this school is a huge investment into the education and lives FullSizeRender 5of the next generation as they are encouraged “to be educated in order to serve”.

A recent church team assisted the local team with building two Hope Shelters and cutting the 2x4’s for the third shelter, then completed by our local Haitian crew. Three more families now have a solid roof over their heads and we still have a waiting list for more. 

FullSizeRenderAnother highlight for our HFI staff members, Rene and Marianne Lako, was having personal family friends coming to visit from their homeland in Holland. These friends lost their hearts to the children, and as a result, three more children have been added to the Child Sponsorship Program (now 161 strong!). If you don’t already do so, please consider sponsoring one of the village children from Sous Savanne, as we still have an ongoing wait list. Your $29 per month will mean so much in their education; they will also receive monthly supplemental food, and where needed, health care.  

We look forward to receiving additional teams coming this summer. Their involvement in conducting seminars, VBS, and building homes continues to be a tremendous encouragement to all in our adopted village of Sous Savanne!


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