Hope Force Comes to the Aid of Flood Survivors in South Carolina

October 8, 2015

October 8, 2015 – Situation Report #2                               

Though the rains have stopped in South Carolina, many areas remain under flood threats and others are just now beginning to feel the long-term impact of the devastation. Hope Force Disaster Manager, Joey Stoltzfus, arrived with an initial assessment team on Monday to begin preparations for our response efforts.  We were fortunate to be received into the area by friends of Hope Force International who opened their hearts and homes to the team.

These relationships have resulted in a partnership with Mount Horeb United Methodist Church, Columbia, South Carolina. A team of 9 Reservists from Tennessee, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan will lead teams of volunteers from the church through the weekend. Hope Force will be focusing on the outlying communities to offer immediate assistance for those needing to “muck out” flooded homes. Hope Force Chaplains will also provide emotional and spiritual care for those most impacted by loss.

SCFlooding.2Work has already commenced while our assessment process continues. Access to many impacted areas is limited until the floodwaters recede, but the scope of need is staggering. HFI Reservists from across the U.S. will be joining the team -- helping with administration, clean up, food services, administration, emotional & spiritual care and assessments – and when possible, flood remediation.  Reports indicate that the needs will be long-term and significant. 

“I believe that things will get worse before they get better,” Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin said Monday. “Eventually, the floods will abate, but then we have to access the damage, and I anticipate that damage will probably be in the billions of dollars, and we’re going to have to work to rebuild. Some peoples’ lives as they know them will never be the same.”

This is how you can help now and in the future:

  • Pray for the survivors and responders
  • Give to the response efforts. Expenses are mounting as we serve the South Carolina flood survivors, and Hope Force has a great need for cash donations


Would you consider giving towards this need? 

Finally, we want to share with you a poignant example of how the local residents are in need of emotional and spiritual care.  The following is a local newscaster who was deeply moved on camera as he shared an aerial photo of the flooding:  


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