Join Us In Puerto Rico!

March 18, 2019

Puerto Rico Team Puerto Rico continues its struggle to recover from the impact of Hurricane Maria. Countless individuals and families have not yet been able to restore and move back into their damaged homes. In many cases, destroyed or compromised roofs must first be repaired or replaced before work on the inside can begin.

Hope Force International (HFI) has sent multiple teams to the island since the early aftermath of Maria, with a primary work objective to replace metal roofs. While undertaking this vital endeavor, we also serve to remind survivors that God and His people have not abandoned or forgotten them. The “ministry of presence” – just being there and coming alongside people – inspires hope for tomorrow.

HFI is fortunate to have partners on location, working with others to identify the vulnerable – whom without help, will continue to languish in uncertainty and hopelessness. Will you prayerfully consider joining the next team to Puerto Rico, June 9-15, putting your love of God into compassionate action? As you pour your life out to bless others, your expression of generosity will effect change in the hearts and homes of people who by now are surely feeling forgotten and hopeless.

The work in Puerto Rico will primarily consist of replacing corrugated metal roofs. If you have some practical experience, you are willing to work hard and want to participate…please let us know!

If you can’t go, please pray and give…and help to make this opportunity known to those in your circle of influence. Thank you!

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